‘A growing friendship’

ALVA Sonic is a Romanian based company dedicated to creating media music.
In its essence, music and sound add up an overlay of emotion, astuteness and freshness that assumes media to new spheres.
ALVA Sonic is a custom-made music atelier for your visual materials such us adverts, documentaries, films and gameplays.
Our goal is to help you translate the music in your head and vision coated in a high quality music.


Mood, energy, fillings are all key points in order to find the right sound.

We start with basic ideas settled on purpose that capture exactly what you want. This will lead us to find the instrumentation followed by atmosphere, melody, rhythm.
 Once you are happy with an idea will expand to a full musical composition that you can then feedback on it.
 The composition will get wider and clearer into mixing and mastering cycle gaining new proportions.
The result will be delivered to you in a high-quality product along our friendship and pleasure to collaborate.

TV commercials:

Video & documentaries